Friday, February 1, 2013

Just Another Pile of Painted Rubble ...

I have been watching the demolition company across the street hard at work tearing down the formerly abandoned megachurch. It's hard to watch it go from a massive complex to an amazing pile of rubble ... with only a few walls left somewhat intact.

This section, though it looks complete, is actually part of an inside hallway that was nearly a hundred feet long. Now it's a piece of outside wall maybe 20 feet long.

Soon to be just another pile of junk.

But before it was gone, I found the heart left behind.

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  1. Art. Any you will always be glad you caught it in the moment.

  2. I know graffiti is considered vandalism, but it is certainly an art form. Blessings!

  3. Just proves that hearts as hard as concrete have their tender moments. You and Beth certainly could make a book from all your adventures in The Abandoned.

  4. Rubble and bright fleeting beauty. Wonderful.


Art? or Just Trash?