Saturday, May 29, 2010

Things Found in Trees #4 - Party's Over


  1. There's a story behind this and all your pictures! What a fun way to wake up my brain before my first cup of coffee! Thanks for visiting FT-L; I will definitely keep dropping by here.

  2. well don't you go out walking with your camera and find evidence of life!

    i love the concept!

    ciao bella!
    thanks for your visit...and for leaving comments!

    creative carmelina

  3. I wonder how far away these balloons came from ??? I'm wondering if these are the ones that got away at my daughter's birthday party ?

  4. Poignant, the lost balloon, stories of what must have been, come to mind.

  5. What a cool theme. You must have an interesting area.

    I have one post of the Goonies' Jail here:

    I'll do a straight-on pic of the jail sometime, maybe this week, since it will have its grand opening as a film museum this week.


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