Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rainy Leaves on Tarp Heart

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  1. I repeat myself when I say what a great eye you have for seeing hearts in unusual places :)
    Your title sounds like a country western song - okay...I'm strange! LOL
    ☼ Sunny

  2. You DO have a great eye for hearts :D Some of them are kind of hidden, but to the right person they show themselves :)

  3. I suppose it is your own open heart that allows you to see others all around you Clytie! 'tis a gift my dear!

  4. Life feels better through this theme of yours.

    daily athens

  5. Bravo! It's rainy today and I said to myself I don't really this sad weather, then this heart of yours smiled at me here. Thank you.

  6. The other day someone let me have the last of their zeppoles. When I grabbed it out of the bag, all dusted with white, powdery sugar, I could just feel that it was shaped like a heart. It was.

    Keep seeing. And feeling. You are blessed!

    Michelle xoxox

  7. A soft grainy sense which captures the eye and takes it straight to the heart.


Art? or Just Trash?