Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ladybug with Heart on Rusty Planter

(Don't see the heart? Click on the photo to enlarge!)

To see hearts from around the world, please visit Random Hearts - and share YOUR heart on Guest Heart Thursday!


  1. What beautiful rustic photo... I see the tiny heart, hearts are all around us we just need to open our eyes very wide to see all of them.

  2. aaahhh...thank you for this great picture. Always two hands of wind beneath your wings and a peaceful Friday as well.

    daily athens

    p.s.: as I have to leave a couple of days, it would be an honour to return and participate next Thursday as well.

  3. Oh I adore ladybugs....even wrote and published a children's story about them....

    called "Mr. Bugs and a Lady"....
    ciao bella!

    Creative Carmelina...

    and thanks so very much for your generous compliments!

  4. Awesome. Thank you, dear Clytie.

  5. The sharp rounded edges and bright colorful shine of the ladybug shadowed against the warmth of old metal catches my eye and holds me mesmerized.


Art? or Just Trash?