Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things Found in Trees ...

I was walking along the path at the edge of the woods when I saw a couple of garbage bags wedged into the "V" of a tree trunk.

After taking a picture of the sad heart created by this litter, I plucked it off the tree and stuffed it into my own litter bag ... to be deposited into the garbage can.

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  1. Humans can be such pigs, but at least this bit of trash gave you a lovely heart. I also carry a small bag for trash when I go out walking, sad that we have to do that.

  2. I love the heart, but it breaks my heart to see the earth littered so.

  3. Who knows what it might have held inside ...

    Please have a good new month.

  4. A nice heart, but bad human move.

  5. I love your ability to find beauty even in trash!

  6. There is/was a blog/website called "Bags in trees" (they haven't posted in a year) - but, it opened my eyes to how many plastic bags are actually in the trees. Unbelievable. Thanks for helping us see some beauty in such a travesty!


Art? or Just Trash?