Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blossom Bottleneck


  1. You certainly see - the drops upon the blossom makes it an incredible photography.

    Please have a nice Wednesday.

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  2. Just took a little look around this nook, and some of its crannies... looks like someone is having some fun here. Will have to try and get back here, though I admit, time is short, and blogs are infinite... but I do like your take on trash and things abandoned; we may be birds of a feather perhaps in this respect... If you like abandoned cars and buildings, please feel free to take a quick look by going down the right hand side of my page to the labels list in the sidebar, and click on "dream houses" or "dream cars"... hell, nothing wrong in my book with getting a little bit trashed once in a while...

  3. This is an amazing piece. The sharp yet soft finish to the broken bottle add a poignant snap to the raindrops upon soft petal. Extraordinary!

  4. Oh! There's a perfect triangle in the old grass beneath that I didn't notice. Wonderful photography!


Art? or Just Trash?