Monday, April 12, 2010

Metal Found Next to Road


  1. Wishing you always a safe road ahead of you, a nice Tuesday as well.

    In my opinion a piece of art, as so much labour got into it.

  2. I am always curious about such artefacts; how did they get there? Why? Who would haul them to that particular spot?

    Once, down a long trail by the riverside, some 10 minutes of walking from any road access, we came across a humongous vintage cabinet TV, shoved into the underbrush across a ditch full of thistles.

    Your find looks like something from an old tractor.

  3. Beautiful composition in this shot! I like how you included the leaves.

  4. The smooth texture of the object in conjunction with the green of the Oregon grape leaves is stunning!

  5. What is it about rusted bolts and metal? So many of us seem to like it.


Art? or Just Trash?