Friday, June 11, 2010

Almost A Reflection ... Weekend Reflections

To see fun reflections from around the world, please visit James at Newton Area Photo - and participate in Weekend Reflections!


  1. Really interesting reflection! Always amazes me where we can find them once we start looking!


  2. I love old windows,and your picture is very impressive!
    Happy weekend,
    Léia - BONJOUR LUXEMBOURG and little Luna - our kitty from WE LOVE LUNA

  3. I see some reflections peaking through that dingy glass! And, they indicate the surrounding area is lush with trees! Nice capture!

  4. Even though they look weathered and worn they struggle to reflect what they are able to. Its all any of us can do...

    be Well, be Happy ;) Clytie

  5. I love the textures of this picture...

  6. To me this is art and I would love this picture hanging on my wall :)
    ☼ Sunny

  7. A fascinating, subtle reflection on this weathered structure!

  8. i think they are whispering something.

  9. I love the textures in this... i find myself wondering about the stories they could tell....

  10. Where do you walk, honey? I'm so curious about it because of the variety of your photos--it's impressive.

    Yes, today is glorious right here. The sun's out, I'm cleaning a bit in the apartment while the World Cup is on TV. I know I should have the Rose Festival Parade on instead, but I can't stop to watch, so I'll just listen.

    Thanks for your visit.

  11. I like old building, old windows, old.... I like this a lot. :)

  12. Interesting and I got reflection over an old builing:-)

  13. Almost a reflection
    Not quite a reflection
    A moss covered reflection
    A muted reflection
    A masked reflection

    Guess you'll have to go back with some window cleaner and squeegees and see if you can't freshen that place, and the reflections up a little bit. Will be curious to see the "after" version

    Is this the abandoned mega-church we've heard about ?

  14. oh i love this one looks like a well done watercolour painting!
    actually it would make for an interesting subject to paint!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  15. There is a feeling of nostalgia--a sense of loss of the past superimposed upon the present. One would wonder who's face would be reflected there.


Art? or Just Trash?