Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grampa Spilled the Shhhhhaving cream - Oops, a Heart!

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  1. I love its light blue soft..:)

  2. That's funny...

    And I couldn't help think of a song I heard long ago but had forgotten until now which had a verse in it which said :

    When I was in France with the army
    One day I looked into my kit
    I thought I would find there a sandwich
    But the damn thing was packed full of shhhhh...
    Shaving cream, Shaving cream
    Shave every day and you'll always feel clean


  3. PS Oh, and many thanks for linking me in Random Hearts, no problem at all, that is very kind of you indeed !!!

  4. Well that's talent!
    and oh so spontaneously cute!

    thanks for the 'snakey' discussion...but that'll be the end of that! yikes! I'm going to faint! lol

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  5. What a great find, love the shiny blue color.

  6. You are the best when it comes to seeing hearts everywhere, Clytie.

    Clytie, I took a closer look and I did see the heart in the ocean wave ;)

  7. The spatter of reflection along with heart and blade make a charming collection for the eye.


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