Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Broken Glass ... Dark and Bright Contrasts


  1. WOW...very creative, Clytie. I really like blue shades. Artistic indeed.

    P.S. Did you have a yummy breakfast?
    Thanks for the regular comments. Much appreciated.

    Happy day!
    (Thursday is on the its way, right?)

  2. Okay! I have to say this...and I'll not put it off any longer!
    i have gone to your other blog several times...but have been twice hit with a snakey image that I cannot stomach! I have a morbid fear of them, even in pictures! so I think coming to this blog is where it's at for me, so much safer! lol!!!!!!

    love the colour in this blue glass!
    there's nothing snakey about it...gosh! can you believe even typing the word gives me the willies! no kidding here!!!

    ciao bella
    thanks for your visits to my 'snakeless blog'!

    creative carmelina

  3. The sharp contrasts of blue and sparkle versus darkness are exciting elements in this piece!

  4. Beauty grows when coming into the light and dark shadows disappear. A treasure for sure!

  5. This picture is intriguing...the colors, textures, shadows...it's art to me :)
    ☼ Sunny


Art? or Just Trash?